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The game is available on Steam and Desura from May 2013. Autumn 2013 Update - Features include improvements to the User Interface, Scorekeepers, Overlays, Replays, Tournaments, Casual and Game Modes, Online Multiplayer, and Fixing a lot of bugs. New Features Added the following features to this version of ICIClub 2: Many UI/UX Improvements - We have improved the overall look of ICIClub 2 with many improvements to the UI, including colour scheme changes, a tweaked scoreboard, a new user interface, and much more. The new look is available with the Autumn 2013 Update. A new tournament system - Our new tournament system allows you to form a tournament group and play a quick round-robin tournament with other groups. You can invite friends to your tournament (or play against them). The tournaments are listed on your profile page and their details are available on the tournament forums. New Replay System - We have added a new replay system that lets you replay matches between players or team mates. The system automatically saves the replays as a.mp3 file, and you can play the replays in any of our game modes. The replays are grouped by match in a folder on your desktop. Improved user interface - We have redesigned the team selection screen and the menu screens to be more intuitive and easy to use. The new interface is also available with the Autumn 2013 Update. Play as a team - Play as a team in our new casual and career modes, all the way up to Test Cricket. New Profile page - We have added a new profile page that allows you to see the various attributes of your club. Tournament progress window - We have added a new progress window that allows you to see the matches in your tournament and the rankings at a glance. Overlays - We have added a new scoring system, fielding system, and a new bowling system that allows you to see the current state of the pitch and a player's bowling status. The new overlays are available with the Autumn 2013 Update. Better in-game and online player behaviour - We have added better in-game and online player behaviour. The new behaviour allows us to support more unique and diverse game experiences. New Tournaments and Career Mode - We have added new tournaments and a new career mode. The new career mode allows you to play as a professional player, play as a club, or play as




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International Cricket Captain 2013 Full Version With Crack verager

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